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Top 10 Makeup Artists In Warri , Delta State 2022


You might be wondering why Naira Diary is doing an editorial on makeup artists and makeup business and at the same time listing the top makeup artists in Warri, Delta State , Nigeria.

Well, in case you didn’t know, the cosmetics and personal care industry globally generates an estimated annual turnover of around US$400 billion.
In Nigeria, research indicates that Nigeria’s cosmetics industry is values at $3,4 billion. Globally, the beauty industry is worth $511 billion according to Euromonitor International , and cosmetics have become an indispensable feature of modern lifestyle of individuals.

Not only that, the Nigerian beauty and personal care market is experiencing rapid and dynamic growth, providing lucrative opportunities for beauty entrepreneurs and investors to build beauty brands. 
In Warri, Delta State, we don’t know the exact market value as there’s no reliable data at the moment. However, if you are looking for a makeup artist for your wedding, special events or you want to go into the makeup business and you need a makeup training, an academy, these are the top 10 base on our metrics .

The Top 10 Makeup Artists In Warri In No PARTICULAR ORDER: 

1. Igho Gele

Igho Gele is the defination of what a woman can do, a man can do even better. Makeup and beauty generally is an industry dominated by women, and for a man to be a leader in that industry in his city deserves all the accolades. Last year, Igho Gele won the Best Makeup Artist of The Year at Delta State Achievers Awards 2021. He’s an international makeup artist, Gele vendors and trainer with customers and students in more 20 countries.
2. E-Zeeno
3. Fausty Flawless Touch

Fausty Flawless Touch is a bridal makeup specialist and they also run a makeup academy teaching students and makeup artists makeup artistry and the business of makeup.

Their academy was launched in 2021 and just year Fausty Flawless Touch Makeover Academy trained 168 students and more than 90% of them are running their own makeup business already.

4. Mackdivas Beauty

5. Sophisticated Beauty World
6. Makeup By Igho
7. Beauty Beyond Studio
8. Rukeeyz Makeover
9. Turnersglams

10. Beauty By Foma

Note that the list is in no particular order and is not a ranking. Also, we use feedbacks, reviews and testimonials from students and clients as our metrics to compile the list. Most importantly, we look at their quality of work and customer service. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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