Esan Land is situated in the central part of Edo state, Nigeria. Esan generally is known to be rich in culture and tradition and it’s one of the most beautiful places you can marry from. Marrying an Esan woman comes with so many benefits that cannot be overemphasized, if you are not yet married, you should marry an Esan girl because of the following benefits that you stand to enjoy:

  1. They are good in cooking different delicacies: do you have taste for eating different delicacies? Then you should consider marrying an Esan woman, an average Esan woman can cook very well, they are well trained in cooking and other house chores. Some of the delicacies you can enjoy include pounded yam and melon soup, black soup, ohiele soup, ikpakpa bi Ori, olene, eka-igai, and so on.
  2. They are highly intelligent and talented: an average Esan woman is intelligent and talented, we have seen lots of Esan women working as engineers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, Fashion designers, hair stylists, bead markers, and so on. They are most talented in embroidery and rich in bead making, so when you marry one of them you should rest assured that she will make money with her talent. Also, there is hardly a problem that an Esan woman will not provide a solution to, that’s to show you how intelligent they are.
  3. They are always beautiful and caring: do you plan to marry a beautiful woman? Esan women are so beautiful and presentable. They are also so caring, they care for both their husband and their children.
  4. They are virtuous and godly: most Esan women practice Christianity and they serve God to the core, they don’t play with their religion.
  5. They are rich in culture and tradition: Esan women know
    and embrace their culture so well that you should rest assured that they are respectful and responsible because that’s part of their culture.
  6. Marrying an Esan woman doesn’t come with a high bride price: as we all know that most ethnic groups extort men in the name of the so-called Bride price, this is not so with the Esan people, they are so friendly and they make their bride price affordable. The bride price is just #24 only. The process of marrying an Esan woman is very easy once you have succeeded in winning her heart.
  7. They are good in bed: do you want to enjoy your sexual life when you get married? Then you should consider marrying an Esan woman, they are so good in bed and they are so productive.



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