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What Exactly Was Abba Kyari’s Sin? 

Why Nigerians Are Celebrating Abba Kyari's Death


According to the presidency, Abba Kyari had tested positive for the ravaging COVID-19 and had been receiving treatment. But he died on Friday, April 17, 2020.

I remember when Yaradua died, there was no celebration, instead everybody mourned .
But Abba’s death came as if Nigerian just won the World Cup. Nigerians took to the streets of social media to celebrate and I was forced to asked the exact thing he did to deserve such.

I spent time going through Twitter threads to see if anyone will mention his sins but all I saw was that how he was responsible for every decision Buhari made.

It seems everybody hates Abba Kyari based on their perception of him.
But perception is relative, and any perception without evidential value is not concrete.
However, news has it that the man was very powerful to the extent that the President himself said that no minister can see him except through Mr Abba.

A Facebook user said: “Do I need to tell you that the Aso Rock clinic was not functioning and that the man died in one private hospital in Lagos?
Do I need to tell you that there was a serious problem between him and the National Security adviser on the allegation of him giving advice to Security Chiefs instead of the National Security adviser?
Do I need to tell you that he was the Chief of staff for five years and the National Hospital in Abuja was not befitting enough to take care of him and his principal and that while the Prime Minister of England went to St. Thomas Hospital and got healed the Chief of staff was running from Abuja to Lagos for treatment and died?

Do I need to tell you that he contracted this virus while he went to do the work of Minister of Power?

These are facts. Kindly tell me about your perceptions or what you actually know about him. This is not about celebrating one’s death, it is all about legacy. May God grant him a merciful judgment and grant him eternal rest.”

Here is another school of thought:
That people are rejoicing over his death doesn’t make him a bad person. People form opinions (true or not) and painstakingly stand by them.

Have you ever been painted in a bad and untrue light before?

 Think about it.
Some people said COVID-19 was fake, and the Government’s way of eating money as usual, even when the whole world is affected, yet you are rejoicing that same COVID-19 killed Abba Kyari?
One minute you are against conspiracy theory, the next minute you are believing one.
Yesterday you were preaching emotional intelligence, today you want people to allow people to express themselves anyhow they want because their oppressor died. One would think Abba Kari was an elected government official. Oh! I forgot! This is Nigeria, where every person of means owes you and is responsible for how your life is.
When Kemi rants about someone you like, she’s a goat, today Kemi is the most real investigative journalist, and you are praising her. 

The Man was old, it’s no brainer that the virus would be hard on him.
He is dead and gone, we are still here, and at the mercy of the same COVID-19 that claimed his life, and the flagrant attitude of the kind of people who were at his graveside. 
Who would have thought there would be a BURIAL? Even with the press? gosh!

On April 3rd, Lai Muhammed said that coronavirus corpses cannot be claimed for burial as they can only be handled by the Ministry of Health because they are contagious.
 Mr Garba Shehu also said before the burial that there will be no condolence visits and that his burial will be private.But what did we see during Abba’s burial? A crowded burial. And I’m sure both of them were at the burial.

By all means, lets demand for better infrastructure, demand for better representation by elected officials, and better attitude from all Nigerians, including you, but to rejoice at someone’s death, especially because words on the street says he or she is bad is irrational. 

The same energy we used in dragging Abba Kyari and the Presidency on Twitter should be deployed to demand for better leadership.

May his sour rest in peace!


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