Please permit me this morning to speak to you this in the fullness of my office as a life coach. Life attends to you based on what you do not just what you say. Talk can be very cheap. Deeds are deeper than talks. 

I woke up this Sunday with malaria symptoms. I felt weak and ready to purchase malaria drugs. Then suddenly I remember I caused it. Last Sunday I did my 300 press-ups. Then I hit the floor and by the time I finished, the symptoms have vanished completely. I try to look for it; it’s gone.
My body suddenly realigned. I feel like going another 300 but I remembered my doctor’s advice since 2014 when I hit 300. He said I should not exceed 300. But I know I can do 1000. I did 500 one day and it was awesome.
All my mental faculties came alive. I feel so light and very confident. I feel young and ready to leap over a wall and break a bow of steel with my hands. This body is a mystery. You can age yourself to early grace and you can also roll it back. 
Then I sat and remembered people said am 50 years. The calendar of life calls me 50. The calculations of mankind have pegged me down to a fixed age and I have been categorized to a particular section of the nation’s citizenship. 
Remember I once told you that every man can rewrite his calendar. You have psychological age as well as biological age. To me, I use my psychological age. I am in my late 20s here. 
If you doubt me; at 50 try 300 press-ups. Or try to stand and speak for 5 hours standing in the boardroom. Then you will understand its not by the mere confession that you can buy back your age and renew your strength. It demands Critical Independent Action (CIA).
You must cry in the gym. You must experience rigors and battle cry in the place of bodily exercises. You must say NO to biological age as Abraham and Sarah did and had a son at old age. 
That’s why you see some couples and families take a stroll in the morning and some in the evening during this LOCKDOWN.

I really pity young men people call Papa in their 30s and 40s. I really pity young men who dig their grave daily eating carelessly. You don’t consume salt because it’s cheap and it sweetens. 
By God’s standards and predetermined promises for you and me, you have been wired to surmount things. You were created to overcome. You were born to win. You have the latent power within yourself to live younger and longer psychologically even as your biological age advances.
Caleb at 85 asked Joshua to give him a mountain to conquer. He said his energy has not depleted as he was in his 40s, he is at 85. I am more brilliant now than I was many years back because I gave myself to reading and researching. 

Stop being too human. Stop following the multitude. Stop being too normal. No truly great man on earth lives a normal life. Its 3 years now I stopped eating chicken, beef or fish. I do more of vegetables. No pain no gain. 
To remain younger and stronger it’s not just by claiming it by faith. The principles of God are constant but it’s not answerable to all God’s children. A price is attached for every prize you so much desire regardless of your age, gender, race or color. 
Because if wishes were horses, beggars too will ride. Remove your name from the list of generalists. Distinguish yourself with excellence first in your brain and also in your body. 
Burn the fats. Burn the calories. Stay healthy and keep fit. 


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