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What Is The Meaning of IDAN?


IDAN is a Yoruba word which means Magic.

It’s a trending slang that can be synonymous to words like – odogwu, Oga, Baddest or Bigman.

It’s often used in a prideful expression.

E.g IDAN no dey join the queue for the bank, na bankers dey queue for IDAN

Yoruba people speaks in parable and they make use of hyperbolic expressions alot.

Disecting the meaning of “Idan” could mean many things, depending on the antecedent, atmosphere and the occurrence.

The word literally means, magic.
However, it could be used to mean so many other things either positive or negative.

It could be used as a word to give accolades and as well as a representation of shaddy characteristics /feature of a person, thing or place.

“idan”, could mean surprises as well as an exciting moment in a character of either a person or thing.


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