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When And How To Have Intercourse If You Want A Male Child


If you want to have a male child, ensure that the woman reaches orgasm 1st. Her orgasm increases the alkalinity of her environment & enables the Y Chromosome to swim faster. Also go from behind for Deeper penetration. You will increase your chance of having boys.

This is scientifically factual…

Remember, the woman must be Ovulating (you should already know this).

I have boys – and this science played a role.

According to Shettle’s method, “intercourse should occur from 5 am and continue every 2 hours during the ovulation period. Eggs are more likely to be fertilized before 7 am known as “the peak period”.”

Science is the study of nature which empowers humans to manipulate nature for a desired outcome. You can have whatever you desire from nature – just pay attention to the science behind what you desire from nature.

This was shared by Charles Awuzie on Facebook on July 16, 2023.

Meanwhile, Chukwu Ebuka commented , “Funny how one of my lecturer dropped this hi t during a Land Law class.
We argued the possibility of this.

Then had to Google it up.
Was my first time understanding how the whole X and Y chromosomes work in baby formation.”

Please, try this and share your experience with us. Good luck !


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