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Why Humanity Must Experience 5G Or More Before The Coming Of Jesus


First of all, we must not forget that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. Rather we are all spiritual beings having earthly experiences. I quite agree that 4G is harmful, not to talk of 5G.

This to me is a wake up call for everyone to remember our state of origin. We are Spirit beings presently on earth suit. We are not of this world. We should not forget Jesus is coming to reign supreme in the new Jerusalem.

We should not forget God is coming to judge the whole world. Now the big question is, which technology will God use to wake the dead up and judge the entire world? Both the ones who had come and gone and the present ones.

You think God will line us up and start calling each names? May God set us free from primitive and analog mindset. Jesus will come and take us home in less than a second. God will judge the whole world in a split of a second.

Please note: what you called a miracle are natural things in thier own realm. Man called the first television satanic box. Some denominations were told to throw their tv set away. And they did.

The same denominations now use 4G to transmit the messages of the church leader world wide even to the remotest village. Follow me carefully.

What you labelled as satanic moves remains the uncovering of human ingenuity which the church failed to capture which God UNAVOIDABLY had to allow the children of this world to carry out.

Satan is not our problem. Laziness and irresponsibility is. You may stop greeting me. It’s time for us to tell ourselves the truth. The new world which will have Jerusalem as capital will use a more sophisticated digital tool far more faster than 5G.

The devil in all his smartness work day by day in alignment to the divine agenda of God. A lot of inventions which Christians are supposed to make happen had to be done by sons and daughters of the devil. Hence they own the patent.

With the internet; learning about God became easier faster and more explicit for me. I can digest a 500 page book by listening to it on my iPods which carries 1000s of books. Now ebooks and audio books I have are 10 times more than the ones in my library.

YouTube have thousands of Christian and Spirit filled messages. There is one dangerous man called Joshua Selman now. If you hear his messages on YouTube, you will like to go to heaven now now. What an awesome experience each time I delve into the internet to edify myself?

Brethren, our master Jesus will need need more than 5G network in the new Jerusalem because he must reach out to a lot of us who are his subjects in Africa, Asia, Americas and the rest of the world.

You think ” ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD FOR THOSE THAT LOVE GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE” is a fluke? The same internet where some are hooked into ponography is helping my christianity in quantum leaps.

Those of us who goes for monthly retreat are thanking God for this lock down. Pon page can not pop up on my YouTube because I don’t patronize them. The devil himself knows. He is too serious on his agenda, therefore he does not take his market where there are no buyers.

My dear reader, this LOCKDOWN may be your last chance to reinvent yourself and birth value for humanity. The movers and shakers of the world are scarce to see. Only the empty barrels make noise.

The Segun Agbajes, Ibukun Awosikas, John Momohs and Dangotes spend much time in their thinking rooms than the 1 or 2 hours you see them outside. Infact when you see them in public, they came out to make more money. It’s called PR. Do you know the pride in the heart of that clients that brags by saying ” Dangote was at my son’s wedding”.

Yes some of us will make heaven. But I don’t think a man who went to heaven as an economic liability will wake up in heaven as an inventor or administrator which Jesus Christ will hand over a local government into his hands. NO!!!

A poor Lazarus who went to heaven landed at the BOSSOM of father Abraham. You may check the dictionary for the definition of “bossom”. You want to enter heaven and be ranked with martyrs like Stephen who summarises the history of the Jews in one message?

You want to enter heaven and return to reign on earth with Jesus and be ranked with David, Samuel, Elijah? Haba!!!. All these men experienced thier Covic-19 and Boko Haram in their days. Some were beheaded. Some were used to feed lions.

They were stoned, were sawn asunder, tempted, slained with sword. They wandered about in sheepskin and goat skins. They were destitute, afflicted and tormented.

The days of easy life Christianity is over. The new Jerusalem needs more than 5G to run effectively. Stop reading all the junks people are sending. Sit down and ask God how you can use the 5G to take the gospel to Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and other heavily anti Christ nations.

There is no single attack the devil has ever launched again humanity which he won’t regret later because it always work together for the good of those who love God and are CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.


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