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Why Ignite Conference 2021 Organized By FIRSTLOVE Assembly Is A Must-Attend Event


In case you don’t know, Ignite Conference 2021 is a revival, career, entrepreneurship and relationship conference organized by FIRSTLOVE Assembly Rumoukwura, Port Harcourt, which will be taking place on Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th of April 2021.

The event which is designed to help participants gain a winning edge in their businesses, careers, relationships and ministry will feature different speakers like Simeon Afolabi, Lanre Oluseye, Linus Ochai, Emmanuel Itua, Wisdom Osiri and many others.

But you might wonder…why should you attend? Well, here are some reasons why Ignite Conference 2021 is a must-attend event:

  • Opportunity to meet and network with great people

From the analytical reports made available by the online publicity team of FIRSTLOVE Assembly Ignite Conference 2021, over 500 thousand people have come across the Ignite Conference 2021 adverts online. This means that there will be lots of people onset and online for the event. If this is true, it’s only smart to register, make it to the event and connect with like-minded people at Conference.

  • knowledge and skills to make impacts in the society

Going by the quality of speakers for this year’s Ignite conference, it’s safe to say that Ignite Conference 2021 is a must-attend as it promises to be impactful with speakers who are professionals and experts in leadership, relationship, entrepreneurship, career and spiritual intelligence.

  • Leadership skills

If you were at the Ignite Conference 2021 press briefing or you have come across the video from the press briefing, then you’ve had the opportunity to hear Pastor Linus Ochai, the resident pastor of FIRSTLOVE Assembly Rumuokwuta talk about the importance of leadership and how everything rises and falls on the shoulders of leadership.

After, Ignite Conference 2021, you are going to be a better leader.

  • How to start and grow a business
  • The Bible says; my people perish for lack of knowledge. With this truth, you can as well say that business and business people fail because they lack the knowledge and skills set, manage and grow their businesses.

The good news is that FIRSTLOVE Assembly Rumoukwuta designed Ignite Conference 2021 to equip the youths with the skills and knowledge they need to gain the winning edge in life with a focus on entrepreneurship.

This is a great reason to book your seat today.

  • Get the winning edge in your Career, Business and Ministry

Ignite Conference 2021 is not a regular conference. It’s spirituality and strategically designed to give every attendee the winning edge in life.

It’s a three days event and you don’t want to miss any session.

Book your seat today for Free using the link below:



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