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Burna Boy: A Lesson In Dynamism- Solomon Okocha


Life comes in boundless dimensions, uncountable shades and mutiple colours, and humans must as a matter of fact, and urgency too, begin to acknowledge, respect and explore the vastness and borderlessness of existence.

The creative sector, is perhaps, the only part of life that attempts a shot at its comprehensiveness, and the Nigerian singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, known professionally as Burna Boy, is one individual, that I consider as an ambassador of this eternal truth.

Burna Boy, possesses and portrays a certain type of vigour that is strongly opposed to sedentariness, mediocrity, myopia, sectionalism, and tribalism. To him, the world is his village, and it clearly shows why he was able to rise from the streets of Port Harcourt to the present height of International fame.

Some of the songs that are contained in the fifteen track album that earned him a Grammy in the category of Best Global Music Album, are sharp deviations from the normal Nigerian-Afro hip hop songs. His hits are a fusion of the Naija spirit (at the foundation) and the African culture (at its core), laced with a blossoming global unity amongst young people.

For instance, the third track on the Twice as Tall project “Monsters You Made” in which he featured Chris Martin (the lead singer, primary songwriter, and co-founder of the rock band Coldplay), is a masterpiece that resurrects global black consciousness; revisits the barbaric marginalisation and looting going on in Nigeria; xrays the flawed European educational system; condemns slavery and white supremacy; preaches liberation, and demonstrates youth power.

Dynamism is the quality that involves vigorous activity and progress. Burna Boy’s songs are full of energy, new and exciting ideas. And those are the major things that are lacking but needed in our world today. A million thanks to Oluwa Burna for waking us up from our miserable hibernation.

Variety is the spice of life and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We must dump our primitive biases and jaundiced prejudices, and begin to accept the fullness of life. In the sacred words of Diogenes, “I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”

N.B: My sincere gratitude goes out to Governor Nyesom Wike, who on behalf of the Rivers State Government, summoned the rare political will to honour this great star of our time. Indeed, the government conferred on Burna Boy, the Distinguished Service Star of Rivers State (DSSRS) Medal, the second highest award in the state. This will go a long way in motivating upcoming stars to also begin to aim for the zenith of their distinctive careers.


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