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10 Digital Marketing Strategies For Businesses In 2021


With everything that happened last year, 2021 presents an opportunity for businesses to recover their loses. And to do this, a return on investment-focused digital marketing strategy is a must-have in 2021. In this blog post, you will know the strategies to focus on to achieve the best results from your online marketing efforts in 2021.

  1. User-Generated Content

I remember when we took over the management of Hairven Haircare social media handles and that of their spa, Reiki Spa. One of the challenges they told us they had which was why they brought us in was content.

They explained to us that most of their customers are middle class and upper-class women who do not like the idea of their faces showing on social media and that even when you snap them without their faces showing, they still don’t like their photos on some social media pages.

I could remember that meeting, the CEO asked me, “how are you going to create content for the page? ” I told her we were shooting for educational content to let our target audience see the need for a consistent spa session and proper skincare routine.

I did also tell her our plans to leverage user-generated content as our main focus was to humanise the brand and make the customers our ambassadors. She probably doubted us but by the time customers started sending in their photos and reminding us in the comments section to post pictures they sent, it became clear to her that we meant business. That very strategy was responsible for most of our successes. At some point, we had competing brands reaching out for us to manage their social media handles and entire digital marketing.

You might want to ask, what is user-generated content?

It’s simply content created by users of the product or service.

When a customer posts a picture of herself using your product, that’s user-generated content.

In my opinion, user-generated content is the new word of mouth.

  1. Live-Stream

Before the lockdown, lots of people were still sceptical about Live Streaming. Instead of going live on Instagram or Facebook with their message, they complained about not having the best camera, being shy in front of the camera, looking pretty among other irrelevant complaints. But when coronavirus came, however, it became a must for everyone to go live.

Facebook live stream increased by 50%, Instagram live stream increased by 70% and the founder of Zoom became a billionaire as a result of more people using the platform for virtual meetings, conferences, training and more.

In 2021, it’s just going to continue and you shouldn’t be left behind.

  1. Influencer Marketing

2020 was the year of influencer marketing and the influencer marketing industry is even getting bigger in 2021.

I’m sure you are seeing what Laycon is doing for his DSTV, Center fresh and other brands he has a partnership with. Beverly Naya and other micro and macro-influencers have also delivered some of the best campaigns for their partners in 2020. Well, influencer marketing might be your life-changing marketing strategy in 2021.

The beautiful thing is that it’s not for big companies only. You can start with the ones with 10k, 20k followers as long as their personality and content fit into your brand and they can work with you to deliver your marketing messages and promote your business.

Don’t ignore influencer marketing in 2021.


  1. Local SEO

People are searching for products and services in your location with the intent to buy which makes them easier to convert. If they can’t find your business in the search results, you are losing money.

People coming to Port Harcourt, for example, are searching for hotels in Port Harcourt, restaurants in Port Harcourt, a hair salon in Port Harcourt, etc, and you have to optimize your brand on Google and other search engines to direct them to your business.

To get started.

Get your business verified by Google by setting up your business page and getting or claiming your listing on Google.

Additionally, you might want to introduce local keywords into your search engine optimization strategy in 2021.

  1. Virtual Events

Virtual events became a normal thing during the pandemic lockdown last year. This year more people are getting used to virtual events and it only makes sense to create an event in your industry and use it to promote your business.

Just anybody in any industry can host a virtual event.

You might want to use zoom and link it to your social media pages for your audience to access it at the same time on all platforms.

  1. Content Marketing

Every company in 2021 regardless of industry or location is in the business of creating content. It can only get better.

Content Marketing is the VISA to places you cannot visit physically.

Content Marketing when done effectively, has the ability to drive sales and generate business growth.

If you must invest in something in 2021, invest in content marketing.

  1. Multiple channel Advertising

In 2021, those who were doing just Facebook and Instagram advertising are going to consider other advertising platforms.

Come to think of it. Why should one not use every channel available to advertise his business?

Some of the advertising platforms you should consider in 2021:


  1. Marketing Automation

In case you didn’t know, 90% of your activities on social media can be done by software using artificial intelligence.

Actions like posting, commenting, liking, sending direct messages, following and unfollowing can be done even more effectively by a robot.

But this is not even what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about automating your marketing campaigns such that you have time for other aspects of your life.

Automating your sales process, automating your email campaign and more.

  1. Video Content

If you were not doing video in 2020, it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing in 2021. You should know that people will consume more video content in 2021.And YouTube, the largest video platform is the second biggest search engine after Google.

Think about the millions of people who go on YouTube to search for helpful videos to solve their problems and how you can be of help to them and drive traffic to your brand.

Think about the possibility of changing lives with your video messages.

Think about video ads that speak to the audience directly.

Think about it!

  1. Use of Content Creators for marketing campaigns

If you are like me who pays attention to marketing campaigns and advertorials in Nigeria, chances are you might have noticed how
Taaooma, a Nigerian Content Creator successfully delivered Several marketing campaigns for brands consistently. She has done this for brands Like PostPill, Thermocool, Etc.

In 2021, you should expect more.
Your business might not have money to hire content creators as big as Taaooma but you can work with the content creators at your level to deliver your marketing message.

It’s more effective when someone else talks about how amazing your company or product is. For content creators, they bring lots of creativity into the marketing campaign.


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