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10 Take Home From Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo’s Praise And Love 2021 Premier Message


Every first Sunday of the month is Praise And Love Service at COZA Global. And today being the first Sunday after COZA 12DG 2021, it is the Praise And Love premier. The Praise and Love service is known for unusual praise and ballistic prayers. It is that time where COZA members thank God specially for seeing them through the previous month and for what He’s going to do for them in the month they are in. At COZA, there is no better way to start the month than with praise.

The theme for 2021 in COZA is Heaven On Earth from Mathew 6:10. And Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo preached on the same topic today 17th January 2021.

Here are the 10 take home from the message:

1. You will expire if you not inspired. Stop being comfortable around losers. You will smell like the company you keep.

2. Write down what you see. It’s a powerful principle. Never think what you write down is in vain.

3. How you look affects what you see. And what you see affect your results.

4. What you see determine what you get. It’s a kingdom principle that works.

5. You don’t determine what God reveals. You only discover it.

6. When the hand of God is upon you, you will arrive at your destination earlier than whoever is ahead of you.

7. When God speaks, you move. Where you stop is where God stops. God moves when you move!

8. Keeping your heart stayed on God is what guarantees Heaven On Earth experience.

9. The blessing of the Lord is hidden and protected in His instructions.

10. If you live by Jesus principles, you will get the same results as Jesus.

If you missed the service or you want to watch it again, watch the YouTube live stream below.


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