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Why You Should Google Yourself And Your Business Today


Let me ask you, when last did you Google yourself or your business?

Like it or not, we live in a world where everyone trusts Google and YouTube more to provide answers to most of their questions.
Whether its a potential life partner, employee, employer, old friend or even an enemy, chances are they have searched for your name on google at some point.

And If this is true, then you have to take responsibility for your online presence by doing a routine check on your brands on google and consciously take actions that will make people want to do business with you when they google your name or your business.

I remember last year during an event I was invited to speak at. I had mentioned my book during my presentation, someone in the audience did a google immediately, saw the book and paid for it, read some of my articles, got my email address and WhatsApp number and was already sending me a WhatsApp message while the meeting was going on.

Today, we are consulting for his organizations and it’s been a great business relationship so far.
Now imagine if I was not googleable or he was not impressed with the search results. 
Think about it!
We complain about not making sales meanwhile people in our location are searching for products and services that we offer online and because we have not invested in our online presence especially search engine optimization, we lose business to those who are serious with it.

But are we not supposed to be smarter in 2021?

Besides business, what if someone posted someone negative about you or your business online?
How do you know when you don’t even care about your digital footprints and reputation?

I can go on and on but I want you to take actions right now.

Firstly, Google yourself and your business right now.
If you are not impressed with the results, don’t worry. It’s never too late to work on it.
You can send me a message immediately lets work on it.

Mind you. Search engine optimization is not cheap. I decided to make it my top skill to improve on in 2021 and it has already increased our traffic by 85%.
I paid heavily for courses and programs and I’m ready to invest more because it’s a winning strategy.
Your favourite coaches will not tell you because they too are not even aware.

Well, let’s be smarter in 2021. 
Remember, I’m the first person you should reach out to for digital marketing,  online business training and consultancy.



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