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10 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Single Christians


Nigerians on Twitter will always say, “wahala no dey finish”. I have never agreed with them because I believe in saying only positive things. However, it feels like the message is for single Pringles. Lols.

Just a few weeks ago, they were pressing our neck with matching PJs in the name of family Christmas photos, and now vendors are posting their Valentine packages everywhere.

Not only that. Remember there was lots of weddings in November and December last year , those new couples have decided to be wicked to single people with their loved-up photos every day

Now, we can only imagine what is coming on Valentine’s Day. If this is not wahala for single people, I wonder what wahala is.

Well, God no go shame us. The good news however is, there are things you can do it on Valentine’s Day to feel loved even as a Christian while waiting and believing God.

Instead of feeling sad or typing God when everywhere on social media, consider these things:

  • Cook your favorite meal and eat like Mr Ibu

Unlike love, a good meal can never disappoint. So why not cook your favorite and eat instead of worrying yourself about a boyfriend or girlfriend you Dont have? Hanti, cook and enjoy yourself.

  • Visit An Orphanage Home with Gifts

One of the surest ways to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy. For me, seeing someone smile and knowing I did it is priceless. Just try it and thank me later.

  • Follow Naira Diary and visit their page for love stories and beautiful content

If you have been following Naira Diary on say Facebook and Instagram, chances are you have noticed that they love love. Love stories are always part of their stories every day and on Valentine’s Day, they intend to take it to another level by making sure they feed you with romance, relationships, and love stories. Just follow us and stay tuned.

They are sharing love stories to encourage more people to not give up on love and by extension promote family and marriage.

  • Volunteer to snap a couple

Most couples will want someone to help them capture their loved-up moments. How about you help them? You might get free food and drinks if you do a good job. Lols.

  • Go shopping

For many of us, shopping makes us happy. So instead of outsourcing your happiness to a partner, since you don’t even have one, buy whatever you like

  • Do giveaway

This is another way to distract yourself. Since you don’t have a boo, biko share the money for Valentine’s gift or dinner date with us.

You can start with 100k for 50 people in the morning and do 500k for 10 in the evening. You can as well pay for Shawamar for 100 people. Do this and you won’t have to worry or think about your single condition on that day. Lols

  • Fast and pray

The Bible says pray without ceasing. Well, how about using Valentine’s Day to pray for yourself and fellow single pringles. E mek sense ABI? Oya do it.

  • Go for evangelism

It’s possible that you are single because you are not wise. Remember the Bible says that those who win souls are wise. If this is true, it means the more souls you win, the more wiser you become. Go and win souls and receive wisdom for relationship, business career and more.

That aside, heaven rejoices when a soul is won, go win a soul and cause a celebration in heaven.

  • spend time with your family

Go to your family home with enough goodies, cook for everyone and gist with them all day. When they ask you about your relationship, tell them you are believing God to get married before June but they should pray for you.

  • Shoot your shot

Valentine’s Day is a good day to shoot your shot.

There are more than 50 creative ways to shot your shoot on Valentine’s Day day. Simply ask someone to be your VAL, you are will either get a yes or no, you wont die.

Bonus: Attend a church event near you.

PS: It’s possible that you are single because the man or woman God made for you is praying that nobody comes and wastes your time until he or she meets you.

Just thinking because I once prayed that prayer 臘

Meanwhile, what are you doing on Valentinee’s Day?


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