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Lols, I knew this would get your attention. 

I’m not a prophet ooo, but I’ve used these apps long enough to see what’s coming.

In 2021 I made some predictions about how social media would turn out in 2022.

And true to my words, it became the reality we are living in now. 

I talked about audio marketing becoming a norm. 

Clubhouse started it, telegram keyed in, Facebook picked it up, linkedIn has been there and twitter is now the Oga of audio marketing. 

With twitter spaces, you can grow your visibility on twitter and make massive sales. 

If you doubt me, check out the twitter big boyz packing twitter money.  

I mentioned that TikTok would heavily dominate Africa. Today we are living in that reality. 

African business owners are packing massive organic leads from that platform using video content creation. 

I talked about Influencer marketing being at its peak in 2022. 

Today, if you want faster results in any niche, there are Influencers ever ready to make the magic happen.

I talked about automated messaging being on the rise. You check it out, there’s now message automation for almost all apps.

Let’s get into my predictions for 2024.

1. Influencers who are building their Influence now, would do better than influencers that have built in the past.

If you start building your Influence now, you would do better than those who have built in the past, except the old Influencers would wake up and keep up with the trends.

2. C-suite executives in different brands will start building their Influence online and also create their own communities so as to reduce their cost of influencer marketing. 

3. Bigger brands who don’t have a strong relationship with their audience online would start experiencing low buying power, while those who have would overtake them.

4. Instagram would continue to become extinct with the current people there.

This means the rate at which people would be opening new instagram accounts would most likely decline. But the existing users would still be there because they’re already used to it. 

5. YouTube shorts vs Instagram reels! People who like YouTube shorts would stay with YouTube shorts, and people who like IG reels would stay with IG reels. But, YouTube shorts lovers won’t move to IG reels and vice versa.

Here comes the big ones!!! 

6. There will be a decline in the use of Google search as a form of search engine. 

Lots of people would start using social media apps like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc as their main search engine. 

7. Micro Influencers would be on the rise. They would start creating sub niches in different industries that would expand. 

The best thing to do is learn how to collaborate with the micro Influencers because they would be taking over very soon. 

8. This one is very sad, so I will speak in parables. The competition between two famous tech billionaires will lead to the death of a new app that was just released. 

Let’s all watch and see!!!

Thank You!! 

Written Nelly Agbogu


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