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14 Things You Can Do On Valentine’s Day If You Are Single


The month of love, February is here and everyone is talking about love. For single people, it’s annoying especially when those Valentine’s package vendors keep posting their gifts for Valentine’s and all.

Well, here is the option for you if you are single : 

1. You can take yourself  to your favourite restaurant for lunch or dinner.

2. You can do this lunch or dinner with your single friends. 

3. You can go for a recreational activity alone or with your single friends.

4. You can plan a trip.

5. You can buy new bedsheets, aromatic candles for your apartment. 

Order take out and spend the day watching great movies on Netflix.

6. You can go to the spa.

7. You can go to the cinema.

8. You can spend the day gifting your fellow singles, you can be what you need to others.

9. You can read a book.

10. You can get busy around your apartment, tidying it and cooking your favourite meal.

11. You can sleep all day.

12. You can switch off from social media. 

13. You can buy yourself a nice gift.

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