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7 Things You Can Do On Valentine’s Day In Port Harcourt Even If You Are Booless


Just some weeks ago, they were pressing our neck with matching PJs in the name of family Christmas photos, and now vendors are posting their Valentine packages everywhere many of which are boring and overly predictable.

Well, God no go shame us. The good news however is, there are things you can do it on Valentine’s Day to feel loved while waiting and believing God to change your story from God when to thank you Jesus. Lols

Instead of feeling sad or typing God when everywhere on social media, consider these things:

1. Visit Efik Town for great food

Efik Town is one place you can get the best meals in Port Harcourt. If you love Akwa Ibom or Cross River foods, Efik Town is a place to be on Valentine’s Day day either with your fellow single pringles or just alone. The thing is, unlike love, Efik Town food does not disappoint.

Efik Town is at 7 Mbonu Street, D Line, Port Harcourt.

2. Attend Truelove Relationship Conference With Stephanie Oarhe

TrueLove Relationship Conference is a the conference that shares love stories from real people with real experiences. It’s also a platform that helps the wounded and heartbroken get healing and find love again. It’s for single, married, divorced, and separated.

You might meet somebody there, who knows!

See flyer for details.

4. Follow Naira Diary and visit their page every minute for love stories and beautiful content

If you have been following Naira Diary on say Facebook and Instagram, chances are you have noticed that we love love. Love stories are always part of our stories every day and on Valentine’s Day, we intend to take it to another level by making sure we feed you with romance, relationships, and love stories. Just follow us and stay tuned.

5. Go shopping at BuyPlus

For many of us, shopping makes us happy. So instead of outsourcing your happiness to a partner, since you don’t even have one, take your ATM card and go shopping at Buy Plus NG. Buy Plus is at 12 Emekuku Street, D Line, Port Harcourt.

6. Go to work and work overtime

The goodnews for single people this year’s Valentine’s Day is the fact that it’s on a Monday. Just focus on work and close late, chances are you will meet traffic on your way home and by the time you finally get home, you will be too tired to even remember that you are booless. When you are home, make food and eat, pray and sleep. But make sure you have fresh pillows to cuddle. Good luck 🤗

7. PHILOMENA : A stage play

See flyer for details.

Meanwhile, tell us your plans for Valentine’s Day in the comments section below.


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