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20 Profound Things Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Said During COZA At 23 Praise Service

  1. This is the dispensation when the free favours of God are profusely abounding.
  2. You don’t pray for greatness, you work for it.
  3. Stop waiting to see things happen, be part of those who make things happen.
  4. Success is not what you pursue but what you attract by who you become .
  5. Inside the word of God is the precursor to everything you want ( currency for the exchange of kingdom blessings)
  6. Faith and fear are responses and they both come by hearing. Faith is the currency for kingdom blessings.
  7. Covenant means two people have a role to play, nothing works until the two people have played their roles.
  8. God cannot work with passionless people. Mathew 20:6-7… Luke 6:38….
  9. Self-leadership is the best leadership.
  10. Everything operates by Faith. It is the currency for exchange of kingdom blessings.
  11. The areas you’re not seeing God’s best is the area you’ve not believed.
  12. Jesus didn’t call any idle man, He called them on their job.
  13. Favour amplifies your little efforts.
  14. Everything God gives you should improve, should generate interest. The kind of Spirit you carry must be reflective in all you do.
  15. Passionate people attract sponsorship.
  16. As you make moves, God backs you up.
  17. God prospers what you do – the area you work.
  18. Whatever is right for your assignment, God will provide it, but don’t stay idle, be useful.
  1. 3 points to note:
  2. Labour in prayer
  3. Labour in the Word

19. Don’t be lazy. Laziness is evil, you must be hardworking

20. When you stretch, everything responds. Put pressure on yourself.

Meanwhile, COZA is 23, and today was a praise service across all COZA campuses . While Sensational Bamidele ministered at the COZA headquarters, Guzape, Abuja, in Port Harcourt was Okopi Peterson. In Ilorin, Dare Justified ,and Lagos, Bidemi Olaoba was the guest minister.

See photos below

Abuja – Guzape

COZA Ilorin

COZA Port Harcourt

COZA Lagos


The 23rd-anniversary celebration continues throughout February and you join online on or onset.


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