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20 Ways You Can Earn A Living As A Writer


I used to hear this a lot before and soon after I started taking my writing seriously. So, every time someone asked me, “Eketi, how do you make money as a writer?”

My default answer would be, “I don’t know o.”

I’m kidding. This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from people who wish to become writers. Madam, how do you make money from this craft? Because we don’t want to enter this thing today and die of hunger tomorrow.

Well, there are several ways to earn a living from writing. As with all other crafts, your talent is not enough. You must put in the work and level up your skill through constant practice and further education from courses and the like. Eventually, your consistency and expertise will be reflected in your reward.

Here are twenty ways you can earn a living as a writer:

Novelist, Scriptwriter, Playwright, Columnist.

Journalist, Ghost Writer, Blogger, Grant writer.

Songwriter, Greeting card writer, Writing coach.

Business writer, Comic/graphic novel, Video game writer.

Comedy line writer, Copywriter, Speech writer.

Biographer/memoirist, Travel writer/blogger, Technical writer.

If you are dedicated and wish to, you can write in more than one or two of these niches.

One of the things writing did for me was open the door for me to become a thought leader. I built influence and a considerable following from writing. This caught the attention of people and businesses, who in turn paid me good money to write stories and advertising copy around their products and services.

Of course, I’ve turned down a good number of jobs because they didn’t align with my personal values and brand identity (we’ll talk about this in another post).

The point is, writing dey pay.

Do you know any other ways a writer can earn from writing? Please, share below. Got any questions?

(c) Eketi Edima


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