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40 Powerful Quotes By Pastor David Ibiyeomie From Glory Reign


Glory Reign is a special program that is divinely ordained for your lifting, healing, breakthroughs, miracles, and abundant testimonies according to Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and general overseer of Salvation Ministries.

The 2023 edition of Glory Reign started on Monday, 23rd January to Friday 27th January 2023. Pastor David Ibiyeomie preached every day and you can find the message highlights on our blog here. Meanwhile, here are the quotes by Pastor David Ibiyeomie from Glory Reign 2023.

 1. It is the Holy Spirit that makes the word you speak to carry power.

2. You cannot think about obstacles and expect miracles.

3. Whatever can intimidate you can eliminate you.

3. To flow in the miraculous, you must be rooted in the virtue of love.

4. Until there is a change in your attitude, there cannot be a change in your future.

5. Go after God and God will go after you.

6. The day you retire from promoting God’s kingdom is the day He retires from blessing you.

7. Let Matthew 6:33 be your lifestyle. It is the answer to every of life’s problems.

8. Don’t love God for 1 year or 2 years, love Him for ever, be in love, stay in love and keep growing in your love for God.

9. The season of your life will change the moment you understand God’s word and apply it. 

10. Every Instruction you obey leads you to a miracle.

11. You don’t see signs until you’re on the move.

12. Faith is the major ingredient for a miracle.

13. Any dream from God is always bigger than you, you need faith to accomplish it. 

14. To accomplish anything, you have to build your Faith first to be able to handle it.

 15. Nothing can stop His word from manifesting as far as you receive it with faith. 16. Don’t give God trash and expect treasure.

17. Life should be enjoyed not endured.

18. The Holy Spirit is the custodian of intelligent ideas that creates wealth.

19. Believers who are canal-minded will experience what unbelievers experience.

20. Every man is a product of his thoughts, what you settle for in your mind is what you will settle with in life.

21. Your words are the structural engineers and builders of your life, while your actions are the finishers of your life.

22. No associate can take you to where he has never been in his mind.

23. Refuse to agree with popular opinions that contradicts scriptures.

24. Because someone gave you a kiss doesn’t mean they love you, even Judas kissed Jesus.

25. If you don’t pray, you will become a prey.

26. Things are not as difficult as you think, you just need light, the word of God is that light.

27. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally.

28. Obedience is doing the ridiculous to access the miraculous.

29. You can’t seek God and sink in life.

30. Until you step out of the boat, you will never walk on water.

31. It is hope and not hurts that shape our future.

32. The worth of a sacrifice is determined by it’s value, not the size.

33. The altar of sacrifice changes you and not God.

34. Comfortable living can only emerge when vengeance is executed.

35. The name of Jesus has the capacity to destroy every evil.

36. Always carry the mentality that you are superior to the devil and his agents.

37. Continuous giving is the surest way out of poverty.

38. Nothing turns captivity like sacrifice.

39. God speaks at the level He can perform, but you must have the corresponding faith to receive it.

40. It is risky to doubt God, remain expectant on what He can do and will do.

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