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5 Tools For Event Promotion That Will Give You 50 Million Reach In One Week


5 Tools For Event Promotion That Will Give You 50 Million Reach In One Week And Afford You International Awareness

If you are reading this, chances are, you are looking for effective ways to promote your events. It could be a concert, anniversary, special church program, whatever it is, you want to make sure that as many people as possible know about your event and attend it.
To do this, you need tools and strategies. These tool and strategies when used effectively can guarantee over 100 million reach. Now imagine that over 100 million people know about your next project! That’s massive, right ?

Well, having taught event marketing, consulted, and managed several online publicity, PR, and advert campaigns for brands successfully, these are the top tools you need to get the best results from your online event promotion.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is perhaps the biggest event listing platform with a global coverage. Eventbrite also has a strong search engine. This means if you put your event on Eventbrite and your content are optimized for search engine, when people arek searching for your brand on a search engine like Google, those events you’re published on Eventbrite will show up and that will boost your online presence.
Aside that, say your event location is Abuja, when people are searching for events in Abuja or events to attend in Abuja on Google, for instance, your events will show up and might rank at no one if you optimize and push it higher than other events in your city and category.

When I’m traveling or looking to connect with people in any city in the world, I go to Eventbrite and search for events happening in that city and reach out to the organizers and speakers and connect with them. That helps me build a network of people beyond my location. It helps me know what’s happening in any city I’m interested in.

Eventbrite also comes with a paid version that allows you to advertise your events to a global audience.

Again, it’s great when you want people to register and summit their data and it’s free. There are a lot about Eventbrite, you just have to explore it and thank me later.

2. Facebook Event

The fact that Facebook is the biggest social media platform, and with the best marketing tools at the moment makes it a must-use platform for event marketing.

You can set up an event on your Facebook page, your Facebook groups and create rooms for your events. Facebook event alone can help your reach 50 million people even without paid adverts. Facebook event is an incredible tool for event marketing.

3. Google My Business

It’s shocking that in 2021, many organizations are yet to set up and optimize their Google my business profile and also take advantage of the amazing tools that come with it for marketing.

If you are yet to set up or verify your Google My Business profile, please, do it today. The opportunities for marketing are to good to ignore. From posting updates about your organization to set up events to running Google ads, it’s one of the best things Google has for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Make sure your set up your next event on your Google my business page.

4. Your Website

A website is no more a luxury but a necessity. But one thing I have noticed is that most people just set up their website and leave it ( that’s a topic for another day).

Anyways, your website should display both your upcoming and previous events with details. When people visit your website, they should see your events on your home page.

It’s time to use your website to promote your events effectively .

5. Landing page 

A landing page is a must have for your events. This is where people get to know everything about your event.

You can create one on your website or use a stand-alone landing page with the help of a marketing tool like Mailchimp.

I’m sure you now know you can do better next time your have an event. These are tools you already have but you probably not making the best use of them.

In my next blog post, I will share my top 10 online marketing strategies. 

Meanwhile, if you need someone to consult for you or your organization, train your team or manage campaigns to promote your events or business, I’m the first guy you should reach out to.

Reach me on phone or WhatsApp on +234 08070950313

Henshaw Jacobson
Digital Marketing Professional and Lead Consultant, QliqMedia.


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