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50 Outfit Ideas For Men Inspired By Macjones Olika Of M&J Stitches


Two popular fashion quotes you have probably heard more times than the number of years you have lived would be : “Looking good is good business” and “dress the way you want to be addressed”. I don’t know the author of those quotes but I quite agree with them.

As a man, people have assumed I have millions in my accounts that I’m not using just because I wear a quality suit and accessories. Many times have been given preferential treatment because of my outfit. So yeah, I agree that looking good is good business and that it makes sense to dress the way you want to be addressed. This is not to suggest that fashion is deceptive, no, I’m only trying to say that you can make a great first impression by just looking your best.

However, it’s not always easy trying to be stylish and fashionable and ‘never be caught unfresh’. From trying to figure out the perfect look for an event or outing to getting a designer or tailor that will not only bring your concept to live but deliver on time on a budget that does not break the bank- It can be a puzzle sometimes.

The good news however, is, Macjones Olika , one of Nigeria’s finest fashion designers and the CEO Of M&J Stitches has got all the inspirations and ideas you need to look like Gov Wike at project commissioning or even like Ebuka on Big Brother Naija eviction night. Lol.

Macjones is a fashion designer, stylist, model, influencer and everything fashion and more.

See his latest looks below

All outfits made by M&J Stitches

Contact them at
 : 15 Abuja Street, Abuloma, Port Harcourt
 : 08061635254
 : 09056422207
 : Mandjstitches@gmail.com

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