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A Short History Of Trade Wars Between Nations Of The World That Brought Us Here- JFK Abiona


In the late 90s, the three biggest American motor companies; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler lost their markets to Japanese vehicles. Americans opted for Nissan, Toyota, and Mitsubishi because of their fuel economy. You can invade the territory of a strong man if you offer his subjects what he cannot offer.

Detroit Michigan was the home of Ford. It became a ghost town. This company was hemorrhaging jobs. Businesses were shutting down. People were scared. Joel chapter two happened. A new Sheriff came to town. Some diehard fans of Ford cars were vandalizing Japanese cars on the street.

 In today’s marketplace, it’s no longer the big that eats the small, it’s the fast that eats the slow.
Don’t forget that Japan experiences a huge blow during the 2nd World War. They just gathered their broken pieces together and adopted a crazy idea with a strong marketing strategy which they exported and invaded American market space. 

Americans defeated them with the nuclear weapon but they came after America with irresistible marketing weapons. 75% of Americans opted for Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, LG, Daewoo, Samsung, Yamaha, etc.
As if that insult is not enough; China who used to be a communist country after a heavy drought made a U-turn and began to practice democracy.
 They have a reputation for producing fake products. They went further by making reverse technology their national ideology. Any product they see from Europe or America up to Nigeria, they will scatter it and learn how it was produced. Then they will begin its mass production.

Go to China and see Aso Oke, Adire (tie and die) and many more products of African heritage. You will cry if you see how China has stolen from careless Africa and absent-minded Europe and of course almighty America.
Before America could realize, China has eaten deep into the economic fabric of America. The case of China and America can be likened to the case study of Cowbell milk and Peak milk. Cowbell is not creamy but it sells faster with billions of naira as turn over. Whereas Peak milk is very creamy but it can only be affordable by the rich which falls into less than 10% of 180 million aggressive consumers. China is cowbell and America is Peak milk.

Americans did everything they could to save Ford, Ram, Dodge, General Motors and Chevrolet but the Japanese and fellow Asian tigers didn’t allow them to win. Before we could say jack; their vehicles and electronic gadgets filled the whole world.
On this planet earth, there are three elements men and nations used and are still using to reign. Land (29%), waterways (71%) and airspace (100%). Arabs and Africa right from the day’s Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Xerxes, Dairy, David used the land to reign in their days. They were the Landlords of the universe in their days. That’s why Saddam Hussein the great-grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar was not afraid of America.

Unfortunately, he forgot the power of landowners was long over. It only occupies 29% of the earth’s surface. Geography students are my witnesses.
Europe as led by Great Britain till tomorrow owns the power of the sea. The Queen of England owns 80% of waterways in the world. Nobody beats the British Navy on the sea. No wonder most islands in the world, as well as commonwealth nations, are close to waterways. But they soon lost the power because the waterways are only 71% of the earth’s surface.

Americans had to return to their drawing board and soon they rose into power using what the universe needs for this season which is DATA… THE AIR SPACE is 100% of the earth. The army controls the land. The Navy controls the sea. The Airforce controls the air. That’s why the American SEALs (SEas Air Lands) remains the most sophisticated and indefatigable worldwide. 

By this, America had a grip on the entire world just like Nebuchadnezzar and Great Britain did when land and waterways held sway. The SEALs took out notorious Osama Bin Laden as well as the Iraqi general who was masterminding terrorism recently.
The SEAL force itself is composed of commandos who have trained for about five years before earning the right to go on missions. Among their skills are parachuting from high altitudes, submarine operations, and underwater demolition. Meaning America combined land, seas and air together to form SEALs. If I go into the power of SEALs, we won’t leave here.
Now, the first computer is called a mainframe. It’s like a house. It cost millions of dollars. Today’s laptop computer of fewer than five hundred dollars is 55,000 times faster, functional and usable than the mainframe. America began to work day and night by creating an enabling environment for Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

With data, you can wage war without guns. You can enter into any digitized market. You can crash into the electioneering of any nation. Russia silenced the proud democrats 24 hours to America’s election. Facebook and Google alone can shut down the world. These are not government officials. They are not army generals. They don’t work at Pentagon but Pentagon, Wall Street, and Washington D.C can’t do without them. The information of the whole world (including yours) is with Facebook.
With the emergence of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft Apple, and other heavyweight data-oriented organizations. America rose back to power. Of course, China remains the troublesome force gaining an upper hand by producing fewer quality products in large quantities and building their own version of Facebook and Microsoft.

Until a new sheriff came to town in 2018. An accomplished no-nonsense bold business guru who is very good in negotiation skills. Donald J Trump. He renegotiated virtually all weak bilateral relations and agreements of the United States Of America with all their silent enemies and parasites nations. He blocked major avenues where America is experiencing economic and financial hemorrhages. America has overstretched its economy and diminishing returns was already setting in.
Trump began to fulfill biblical prophecies. He returned the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He said no to all manners of vices God hates which is contrary to the faith of the 56 founding fathers of America who jointly agreed that “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the 4th day of July in 1776.
He began to use data through Twitter handle to tell the world what CNN is not permitted to say. He dared the Arabs. He confronted Europe to sign anti-Christianity bills. He warned the Islamic leaders wanting to destroy Christianity.

China began to lose grip on America and the rest of the world. America stopped buying oil from Arabs in any other oil nation. After all, the USA has the largest oil reserve in the world. Sadly, the data age needless oil day after day. Because data is the brain behind the algorithm, artificial intelligence and digital economy which are all anti crude oil.
Angrily China decided to fight back. Don’t forget they can do anything for money. They have just legislated adding human flesh as part of their protein. They took a whole town as ga guinea pig and unleash Covic-19….. you know the rest of the story.
AI am not promising tomorrow but surely I will continue this story. (I really pity Africans who don’t read). 



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