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Burna Boy Is Driving Music As A Vehicle For Political Change In Africa


For Burna Boy, it’s much more than making music, living the celebrity life and chasing clout on social media. The African Giant is using music as a vehicle for political change in Africa and I can’t help but celebrate him. And in case you cannot relate, I will advise you do a thematic analysis of his latest album, Twice As Tall.

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Everything about his performance last night at BET Hip Hop Awards was about the End SARS movement, police brutality and political change in Nigeria and Africa in general.

He didn’t just perform “Monster You Made”, Odogwu took time to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the hands of SARS.

And yes, his performance was flawless.

Now that’s African Giant.

Thank you Burna Boy.
Thank you BET Awards.

Now, I wish every Nigerian creatives will use their art to speak against injustice. That way, they cannot silent us, the Soro some generation.

If you missed Burna Boy’s BET performance, watch it below.



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