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On COVID-19: It’s Time For A Digital Church


I remember last year when I wrote and published an article on church digitization and how I love the fact that I can join church service online, pay my tithe and offering and even pray with my pastors and members online using my church digital platforms.

There were mixed reactions – many people said that a digital church will encourage more people to sit at home and by extension backslide. Others said agreed with me and it was fine.

Here Is It!

Let’s say that FG orders churches to cancel church activities and encourages only 50 people or less in every gathering, does that mean we won’t go to church again? NO.

When you can’t be in church physically, the digital church becomes your church.

Obviously you will miss the atmosphere, but it’s better than missing the whole experience.

The good news is that running a digital church is not rocket science.

And for those Christians who are still struggling to accept digitization, I want them to know that Jesus Christ would have been a digital evangelist if He was alive today. During His time on earth, the souls were on the streets, but today they are more active online.

The truth is, there is no street or crusade that can gather 2 billion people, but Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users. Let take the gospel to the people.

There’s no better time to digitize your church than now.

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