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Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Breast Cancer – Akproko Doctor


It’s October and it’s breast cancer awareness month. But you might be wondering why a whole month is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Well, according to statistics by the World Health Organisation, WHO, cancer was responsible for over 78,800 deaths in 2020 with women often bearing the brunt, as breast and cervical cancers are responsible for the most deaths in Nigeria. Data also showed that at least 44,699 women died of cancer in 2021. This is why it makes sense to not just create awareness about the killer disease but also share practical ways to prevent or reduce the risk of contracting it.

For us at Naira Diary, we have been curating content to educate people about cancer. Today, we are bringing content on ways to prevent cancer as shared by Akproko Doctor.

  1. Don’t smoke at all
  2. Reduce your alcohol intake
  3. Pay attention to your diet
  4. Breastfeed well
  5. Regular breast examination and check-up

Watch the full video below

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