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Henshaw Jacobson: 11 Not- So Random Interesting Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I’m a premium spec, and I’m increasing in value every day.

God made me fearfully and wonderfully.
This revelation alone makes me a wonder.

Couple with my intelligence, work ethics and constant investment in my social capital and personal development, I’m not your regular spec. I’m not just going to become a brand, but an institution.

  1. Nobody makes me feel loved like my mom.

She calls me mbakara mmi. That’s perhaps the sweetest thing to hear besides bank alert.

Please don’t ask for the meaning or try to call me that name cos you can’t sound like her. Try bank alert by sending me money instead. Lols.

During the lockdown, she was so worried about me. When I told her I couldn’t access food, she smuggled foodstuff into PH for me ( I’m still eating them).

  1. I had a wonderful dad, but we lost him after high school.

My dad was this guy that will make dinner and serve every one all by himself ( I think he was the best cook).

  1. The second time I cried as an adult was when I had a breakup.

I’m not an emotional person but I couldn’t help. I cried like a baby whose mom promised chocolate but return home with a cane🙈

I struggle to relate when people say they watch movies and cry. A lot of things people panic about don’t move me at all.

  1. I have always been among the top 3 students from the nursery, primary, secondary even college.

I can count the number of times I didn’t take the first position.

  1. I studied mass communication
  2. I paid my tuition fee for my ND & HND.

I didn’t have much to worry about growing up. But when dad died, it was a different story.

I came to Port Harcourt, got a job as a sales rep and I was working Mon-Fri and going to school Sat & Sun ( part-time).

  1. I’m in a single relationship

I started the year with heartbreak. Then corona came. Terrible!

But it turns out to be a blessing. It took me time get over it but I’m completely fine now.

I think love shouldn’t hurt

  1. I believe in Jesus Christ
  2. I want to be successful so I can help others.

I believe I cannot give what I don’t have. Also, success if not a success until it can be replicated.

Success for me is helping others become successful.

And I’m not waiting to make it big before I start. As young as I am, I have daughters and sons- people I paid for their WAEC, JAMB, training, etc.

The good news! 99.9% of them are doing well.

But….i want to do more.

So, when you support me, you are supporting me to support a generation.

  1. I wrote the best book on online business – The Six-Figure Online Business Guide ( how to start and grow a profitable online business without quitting your day job)

Bonus: I’m in my late 20’s and my birthday is Oct 29.

Over to you.

What are the random things I should know about you?

And what do you love about me based on the ten things I shared?

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