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How My Wedding Was Done With A Zero Account from My End – Mr Wealth


Mr Wealth has shared how he started his wedding process with just N500 in his account believing God to show up and He did.

“It’s one month already with MY BLESSING ( Ogechi Wealth-Freedom ).

To mark this one month anniversary I will love to tell about how this wedding was done with a zero account from my End.

No! I am not careless.
I began the journey of this marriage from 2018, I began saving for it.

In 2020 God asked that I invest it into a kingdom Project. Quiet hard, but I obeyed.

In 2021 we kicked off the wedding plans all I had in my account was N500 my wife can bear me witness.

When she learnt I had used the whole savings for the wedding for kingdom Project e shock her 😂

Who embarks on a wedding with N500 in the account?
But God had said I should go on, I knew he wanted to make a statement with the whole thing.

From the Stage of paying up the Bride price (Meanwhile it’s important to state here that e no easy to marry Ikwerre girl 😂, you need to atleast have a million in your account.) God showed up, with miracle money every now and then.

Lest someone think I planned a wedding having people in mind, it’s also wise to let you know that God was very intentional about everything.

God instructed me never to look at any mans face all through the process.

Interestingly everyone I expected to show up for me in one way or the other many of them failed, bulk of the people God used, were strangers.

Another funny thing that happened was that in the month of my wedding, all my source of income was blocked, for the first time in a long while I only had 1 event in a month. Quiet strange 😂.

I felt like this was an attack,
This is the time I need all the events I can get, but God said no.
No event at all.

In fact 4 days to the wedding we were yet to settle venue, Decoration, cake and many other things running into about 500k.

Many suggested we shift the wedding or borrow but God told me he will show up, I shouldn’t do any of that.

There were times my heart almost failed me, but everytime it looks like I want to doubt, I will hear this line of the song in EBENEZER “I’M NOT WITHOUT A HELPER” Hitting me so hard, it will so saturate my soul that I would end up finding it difficult to doubt.

My wife and I will song this song countlessly pouring out our helplessness to God.

At the end of the day.
We had a beautiful wedding,
No dime was borrowed for it.
The wedding even took more than I had saved, and we had so much remaining.

After the wedding, When I Got home
God said to me, I put you through all this process because I wanted to reveal myself to you as your EBENEZER. Now you know by Experience that you will never be without a helper.

I cried at his voice.
I want to Encourage you.
You will never be without a Helper.
Where you are without money,
You will never be without favour.

At all point,


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