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How To Grow Your Instagram Followers In 2020


The truth is, nobody follows you just for the following sake. Think back to the last three people you followed on Instagram, you followed for a reason.

We follow people for different reasons.
Below are some of the reasons:

1. Relationships

You follow your family members, friends, classmates, workmates on social media.

2. Common Interests
You follow people who you share common preferences, likes, hobbies, etc.

3. Contents
We follow people who share valuable content. You’ll content on the follow button if their  content is:

Motivational Informational

4. Friend’s Friends
You follow people who are related to your friends.

5. Celebrities
You follow the musicians because you like their music, movies, etc.Notice how BBN Stars are big on the gram? Well, the fastest way to be Instafamous is to go to BBN House and return with lots of characteristics 😂

6. Follow Back
Some will follow others so as to make them follow back

7. Promises & Giveaways
We also follow because of giveaways, freebies, favor.
Follow to win 100k, follow to win iPhone 19, follow to win a trip to Dubai. This works like magic.

8. Beautiful Looks
This is why pretty girls and handsome guys get lots of followers.

9. Luxury Lifestyle 
Let’s clap for Hushpappi. This guy is just showing off his luxury lifestyle and he has over 2.2m followers.

10. Fighting For A Cause/ Going Viral
Remember Kiki Modi and the sex for grades campaigns?
What Busola Dakolo & her rape story?
Well, before the rape story, Busola had just a few followers. Today, she has over 1.2m followers and Kiki is still making headlines.
Please don’t go and accuse an innocent person just to trend.

Now, why do you want followers?
Why should someone follow you?

Meanwhile, are you looking for strategies to grow your followers, email list, Facebook page, or group?
Send a message now let’s work.
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