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JFK Abiona: What If?


Abuja was on fire yesterday. People mopped up all the cash in banks. Banks had to shut down by 2 pm. All departmental stores experienced unprecedented sales. The local markets were ravaged. Suddenly fuel became scarce.
 Pandemonium everywhere. God bless Rev Godwin Abba and his wife of Word Alive Church Gwarinpa. This great man of God pulled out cash and bought foodstuff to be distributed to both members and nonmembers of his church.

My eyes were filled with tears of joy as I saw a pastor from another church who was carrying foodstuff to his wife and children. As I drove out Rev Abba’s church; my heart began to beat with a big question I can’t answer. The question is one but pregnant with many children… WHAT IF!!!!

Yes by the mercies of God I have settled my family but WHAT IF there are millions of fathers, single mothers, widows, jobless men and women, orphans and many others who hustle every but yet have no means to stock their homes? WHAT IF there are just a few of us who have money to stock our homes? 
No relief from the government except the stay at home order. Yes I know, to stay alive with hunger is better than endemic which may become epidemic.

Those who know me closely knows am an incurable optimist. But the situation on the ground needs some serious attention and pragmatic actions. We need to arise as people, as religious bodies, as communities, and as a nation. The elephants have started their fights. You should not be found as grass at this season.

According to social science, there are two factors driving all human behaviors. The need to avoid pain and the desire for pleasure. Now some people will derive pleasure from this catastrophe while others will experience the pain. Now I want to delve into my main subject…WHAT IF? Because only a good diagnosis can lead to a correct prescription.

WHAT IF? is one question Service providers should endeavor to answer in this solitude moment. I really pity anyone who thinks a time like this is to do nothing. This is a time to think. Please don’t forget that come-what-may, the money will always flow in the direction of added value. Therefore, it’s time to restrategize. It’s time to see where money flows. It’s time to kill fear and wake faith up.

Now let’s go into my “WHAT IFs”.. What if a school owner begins proper online school activities providing the all necessary services a school should provide for all her pupils? Do you think parents won’t take their children to such school even in the third term?

What if a family doctor begins a home service with active online service to all his patients? Consulting, diagnosing and prescribing online to all patients. Do you think as a family man, I won’t adopt such a doctor as our new doctor? Follow me carefully.

The devil in the finest strategy on his onslaught on humanity; he still remains an errand boy to fulfill God’s end-time agenda. We should not forget whenever God wants to do something awesome for humanity, He always disrupted Systems. What I mean is that every attack of the devil on man works in the divine agenda and sovereignty of God to push man into his destiny.

What if all pastors can only preach online now? How many church members watched the service online last Sunday? How many have money to eat not to talk of buying data? Who will feed the 80% poor church member? Is it not the person who has money that can stock his house with foodstuff?

What if Shoprite, Domino Pizza, KFC, Chicken Republic, and other eateries can only sell by online request and delivery? What if The United Nations brings all currencies of the world into one? What is the skill you have to deploy to survive these trying times? How will you maintain your mental balance in this season?

Therefore I want to encourage someone out there. Fear not. This is a wake-up call. This is the time God will Arise for his loved ones. Stay on God’s side. Look inward. Show kindness. Show love. Reach out to someone. God wants to breathe on you. It’s your turn to shine. As you show kindness to others, an idea is coming into your spirit that will make you outstanding.


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