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The story of James Brown vs Business Strategy


James Brown came to the limelight in 2018 on allegations of him being gay. He was popular for his statement “did they caught me?” during his interview before or was it during his arrest.

When he came out of prison, he was always granting interviews and sharing his experiences, blogs and news outlets were always carrying his gist. He became popular.

Little by little, his affiliation with Bobrisky further made him go viral, he started putting himself out publicly as a crossdresser, living his best life, how he knows best. Gossip blogs always carrying his news around and people talking about him, a larger percentage of people found him really annoying.

But that didn’t stop him. He went hard with his cross-dressing and jumping on trends, while at that, it was visible that he was upgrading himself. James Brown invested his effort to staying visible and relevant

He created another trend for himself as “princess of Africow” lol.
Wait, this his history is making me want to forget what I really want to say. Let’s skip it!

Last week, our princess shocked us with superb pictures of himself in fantastic male outfits! Seems he is back to being male again.

Tell me about branding and personality marketing James Brown is my symbol of Branding and personality marketing for the week.

This guy is focused and is a good definition of ‘taking calculated steps’.

While people were laughing and making jest of him, bro is about growth and cashing out. His team are doing an amazing job, trust me.

See eeh, social media is here to stay! While others are here for the cruise and vawulez, others are here to satisfy that hunger for cruise that you crave while they cash out.

Look at the switch in James Brown, Bruh! Cross-dressing and all those stuff he does is nothing but business to him.

He keeps emphasizing on his dreams of becoming a successful business man, while you laugh and use his HIV status against him, guy is planning on what strategy to use next, to attract and retain attention.

He is very much aware of where he is coming from, so he is dedicated to following his process. Calculated steps like I noted earlier.

You will not see him hungry to be seen or identified with ‘big people’ , I mean it is showbiz and as an effective strategy, people love to be identified with key players in the industry, but James nah.
If he is not creating content with his sister and friends, he is featuring in one comedy skit or the other.

He is upgrading with time. And keeping it real that this is business for him. Trust me, someone in James Brown shoes would have gotten carried away or distracted.
James will not look for trouble, but if trouble finds him, he will use it to cash out. Lol

He either sell the cross-dresser personality to cash out or the fashionista or even the content creator personality to cash out.
At first it was annoying but now, you don’t want to guess the caliber of people following him and even finding him really interesting.

I am really happy for him that his path is becoming clearer and he is truly focused on his process.
He is not out here to be liked by everyone.
He is not out here to cruise away his cruise, He is here to make sure he becomes the businessman he wants to be.

I wish you well James, may the coast favor you.

Written by Tanko Lami


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