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When Giving Up Is The Best Thing To Do


The truth about life is that we cannot always get everything we want. Even geniuses fail sometimes.

Now flashback to the things you planned to achieve this year in 2019. Look at the beautiful goals you wrote down at the beginning of 2019 . Chances are you did not achieve all of them. Some of us could not even achieve up to 50% of what we planned to achieve.

I’m not going to look at why we don’t always achieve all of our goals, rather, I will focus on what this post is all about- GIVING UP THE GOOD FOR THE BEST.

I’m sure we all have something we are struggling with. It could be a business, relationship, career, project, anything. And most times the things we are fighting for is not worth the fight or struggle. Some of us only do it because our pastor or motivational speaker said we shouldn’t GIVE UP, and we remain in it even when we know that the possibility of getting results is slim.

I want to state that giving up does not mean that you should not try anything, rather when one thing fails, we should courageously try another one.

You might not agree with me but there are businesses that cannot just work. They are relationships that won’t work no matter how you try and they are projects that will fail even before you start.


If your business idea is bad, there is no amount of prayers or marketing that will make it work.

If your project is terrible, you will even struggle to get people to support you.

Some will blame the devil and village people for a mediocre project that failed instead of facing this truth.

One the Nigerian entrepreneur i respect so much is Akin Alabi. Before he started Naira Bet, he tried many businesses and failed. Imagine if he did not give up those ideas and launched Naira Bet. Think about!

 Many successful people today had to give up something that was not working for something that is working for them today.

Let’s me use somebody you are familiar with- Tunde Ednut. Some years ago Tunde was a music artist. When he realized that it was not working him, he switched to Instagram and today he is one of the biggest Instagram Influencer in Nigeria.

I’m not saying you should not fight for what you believe in, please do.

It’s good to persevere, but knowing when to give up something good for something great is better.

Maybe be it’s time to review your life and see if there are things to give up to create space for the best.

Now let’s look at it from another perspective!

There are things, habits and activities holding us down and we need to give up on them to create space for the best things to come: Parties, TV, Movies, Social media, Toxic friends, Drugs, Alcohol, Girls, Clubbing.

What are you giving up in 2019 to get the best results from your efforts in 2020?


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