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Why You Must Master The Art Of Selling Online And Offline


I strongly believe that one skill that everyone must have is SALES.

For me, one thing that set me apart from others in my industry is the fact that I spent over six years in leadership positions in sales and marketing with three different companies before starting a career as a digital marketing professional and eventually launching QliqMedia and Naira Diary- both digitally empowered brands.

I have sold to 80% of supermarkets in Port Harcourt including Market Square and I have supplied goods to distributors in all the big markets in Port Harcourt including Mile 1. And I’m talking about delivering a thousand cartons of goods to superstores like Welcome U and delivering to big distributors in Sangana Market, Mile 3 Market, etc.

So when Henshaw Jacobson is talking about marketing and sales, he’s not one of those who started creating marketing and sales content and started hosting online training after washing four youtube videos and reading 17 pages of free marketing ebooks.

I’m talking about practical experiences and case studies from my results.

That aside, I have learned these and more as a salesperson:

  1. Communication

It took me over three months to close the Market Square deals and during this period we were to talking, talking and talking.
I unconsciously i was leading how to communicate my value propositions.

  1. Patience and persistence

A lot of people are in a hurry to cash out and that’s why they prefer to get rich quick programs that often end in premium tears as opposed to patiently investing in something that has the potential to even outlive them.

8 out of 10 times you won’t close the sales immediately and you have to follow up and be persistent. Sometimes it takes two years to finally land that big deal, but because you are impatient, you give up and miss out.

As a salesperson, you are forced to learn how to follow processes and be patient.

These are the values you need to succeed in life. I learned them through selling.

  1. Selling Your Market Shamelessly

This is where most people have problems. They come with 99 excuses why they can’t go out and sell.

You hear unthinking excuses like, ‘I’m a shy person “, ” people will laugh at me”, “I’m too beautiful for that” and other brands of shortsighted excuses they use to validate their irresponsibility.

These are the same people that will beg online and habitually ask for ” urgent 2k” without being a shame.

As a salesperson, however, you will learn to prospect, make cold calls, schedule meetings communicate your value and close deals. These you do shamelessly.

Apart from building capacity while selling and becoming a better salesperson, sales are the lifeblood of every business. Without sales, you cannot be in business. Even as an NGO, you have got to sell.

The money will only come when you sell something. No two ways about it.

And posting on social media every day is not social media marketing, it’s not selling, but having a return on investment-focused strategy and a system that generates sales online consistently is.

So how do I come in?

  1. I can work with you as a consultant
  2. My QliqMedia team can marketing your marketing and sales campaign
  3. We can also train your marketing and sales team including setting up your systems and processes.

Send a direct message or WhatsApp me +23408070950313.

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