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5 Costly Mistakes You Make Every Year That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals – Oluwatosin


Pay attention to number 4!

When I talk with different kinds of people ranging from business owners to students to family people, I see people who are tired of the kind of results they are producing in life. In fact, they talk about being more productive but at the end of the day, how many of them really reach the pinacle?

Some even give up on the way accepting their ‘false’ fate that success was never meant for them.

If this sounds like what you’re going through, then you must read this article till the end.

1⃣ You focus on results, rather than KNOWLEDGE.
If I get a 100 business owners now and ask each of them if they took a course on ‘starting & scaling a profitable business’ or how many of them read a book on marketing, I guarantee you that 90% of those people did not. Maybe including you.

The difference between where you are in life versus where you want to be, is in what you know and what you do with it. You see, the doing part for some people isn’t difficult; in fact they are over doing but unfortunately they are doing the things with the wrong mindset, the wrong strategy, with the wrong people and possibly at the wrong time.
Is it not wise then, to go for knowledge first (and continuously) so that you don’t just work and work in vain?

2⃣ You’re Working On A Project You Don’t Really Love.
When people tell me they lack motivation to follow their goals, I ask them if they are really passionate about that cause. Your productivity level is relative to how passionate you are in the things you’re doing.

I make temporary cash from side hustles (e.g I teach Whiteboard Animation skills) but real business deals that have produced solidly for me and I don’t find difficult working at them are businesses or projects that are dear to my heart. You better get a compelling vision that keeps you out of bed every morning not just something in vogue that everyone is doing.

3⃣ Focus On Commitment More Than Motivation.
Few months ago, while giving a seminar in a whatsapp group, I got a question from one of the attendees and he said “Ma, why is it that after I attend seminars like this, I get pumped up and even begin to take good steps but few weeks after I loose the whole vibe and in less than 3 months, I’m back to square 1 until I attend another seminar.” when I read the question, I smiled because this was not the first time, I heard a question like this. You see, motivation is good but it alone cannot birth your dreams.

I’m sure you’re not expecting the speaker or coach to enter your life and begin to grind for you. You have to show up every single morning committed to achieving those goals. Napoleon Hill called it a Burning Obsession. You have to obsessed about your goals that you would do anything and everything legally to see them realised. If you cannot get to that point, sorry about your goals.

4⃣ You’re Still Romancing Your Comfort Zone.
My fans call me a harsh coach😂😂😂. You know why? Because I would rather push them, beat them and see them them producing results than pet them on the head and see them on the same spot every single year. As far as you paid me to help you move your productivity from where it is, to where you want it to be, I’ll be so strong on your case. My end goal is to build you into a man or a woman competent enough to achieve your goals.

I tell them to divorce their comfort zone. You want to watch a one hour TV program? Fine! but you must compensate by reading for 2 hours. Goal realizations don’t come to people who sleep 10 hours a day, even 8 hours is risky (except you’re grinding excessively with the remaining 16 hours). And if you’re a friend to giving excuses, sorry we can’t work together. ”oh we don’t have light in our area, we don’t have network, I don’t have data” ….THATS WHY YOU DONT HAVE YOUR GOALS!🤷🏼‍♀️

I served in a rural community in Bayelsa state and for the entire 11 months, we had light for just 2 days. I had online engagements for at least 4 days in every week. Ask me how I charged my phone every single day to be online, just ask me.

5⃣You Still Believe That Someone Out There Owes You Something.
Look, if you’re not ready to take 100% responsiblity for what happens to you, if you still give attention to outside forces more than inner strengths, then I pity your goals. You’re still hoping that your parents, your spouse, your government should actively aid your growth, you’ll always live at their mercy and invariably nothing much of you will happen.

Your destiny is what you decide it to be. Waldo Emerson once said “if you cannot find your desired circumstances that will aid your growth, go out there and look for them but in case you don’t find them, CREATE THEM!

I think we should stop here for today. You know you can always reach me for better clarification or for friendship sake😉

To your continued growth and success,
Dominating Tosin


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