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On Rapists And Twitter Dragging: A Letter To Nigerian Men


Not until yesterday when Damola made it to NO 3 on Twitter trend in Nigeria, I didn’t know that light, movies, and food could cause more problems in Nigeria than Coronavirus especially for single guys.
According to her, she wouldn’t have visited the guy if there was light in her place.
Other tweets suggest she needed food and movies to kill time. And this was around 10 pm.

In another tweet, she said the guy raped her in her father’s house.
She says these happened in 2018 and she’s been friends with him as they still chat and talk about meeting again.

However, in her words, she came out yesterday after realizing that he has abused other girls sexually and she does not want more people to fall victim.

I don’t support any form of sexual abuse and want to focus on lessons for us in her story.

I know that being a single man comes with a truckload of unimaginable problems even when you are consciously avoiding them.
Sadly, our sisters, aunties, girlfriends even moms do not understand.
The truth is, these things can be avoided.
I have been preaching about emotional distancing but some people say I have emotional pride.
We guys should protect ourselves and set boundaries since the ladies do not want to because it’s bewildering trying to make sense of a lady going to a guy’s house by 10 pm, inviting him to her family house, keeping him as a friend even after he’s raped you.

Are you okay?

Bro, let her call you boring, over-sensitive, or gay, it’s better than being dragged and demonized on Twitter. It’s better to be called a rapist.
Words like darling, sweetheart, babe should be off your dictionary when chatting with a lady. I don’t even use “dear”. She might snapshot it and use you to chase clout on Twitter later.

Don’t welcome a lady into your apartment.
Don’t visit her at her house.

Unfollow every girl whose posts give you an erection.

Observe emotional distancing.

If by mistake you guys find yourselves in a private space and the mumu demon in your trouser wants to disgrace you and she says no, RESPECT her.

Pray against temptation every morning and evening.

Share with a brother.


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