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How To Take Care Of Your Vagina Everyday To Avoid Smell, Infection or Abnormal Discharge

  1. Wash the vagina at least twice daily. If you work out, sweat excessively, or are involved in some other sweat-inducing activity, then wash after each activity. Make sure you change your undergaments at least daily and wash them in hot water to kill any stubborn bacteria. This will help to get rid of sweat and bacteria may have been trapped, leaving you feeling and smelling better.
  2. Do not douche; don’t use antiseptic soaps or body scrubs to wash your vagina. These products make the vagina unfavourable for good bacteria and impact on vagina health causing candida super-infection (the one popularly called “toilet infection”).
  3. Always eat plain, unflavoured yogurt regularly or take probiotics. These have live active bacteria that contribute to the healthy ecological balance of the vagina.
  4. Always keep your vagina dry, except you are having sexual intercourse. Keeping moisture and sweat down there is a recipe for bad odour and poor vagina health.
  5. Always change your tampons or pads regularly if you use them during your periods. The longer they stay, the faster the bacteria on them will breed, causing potential infections. You shall also avoid pads or tampons with deodorants, sprays or other chemicals.
  6. Avoid having multiple sexual partners. Studies show a correlation of multiple sex partners with recurring infections of bacterial vaginosis.
  7. Always wear cotton underwear or other fabrics that fit you well and allow space to “air out” your vagina. Also avoid wearing tight-fitting pants as they rub against the vagina causing irritation that can contribute to infections.
  8. Always eat healthy diet that contains fruits and vegetables and avoid highly processed foods and sugar. Highly processed foods and sugars change the pH of your vagina and affect its health. Sweet vagina smell and taste can be produced by vegetables, fruits and spices like cinnamon, peppermint, and cardamom. On the other hand, foods such as coffee, onions, meat, dairy, garlic and strong spices have the potential of changing your vaginal odor to something very unpleasant. At least keep it tasty for guyz who suck the flower!
  9. Avoid taking a long bath in a bathtub with still water. This is because the dirt, sweat, and bacteria that are not washed away would affect you. Bacteria from other parts of the body could easily find their way to the vagina when this is done.
  10. Always wipe from front to back after using a bathroom. This prevents the introduction of bacteria from the rectum into the vagina.

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