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THE PAIN OF A BROKEN Mother-Precious Onome


Yesterday was Fathers day in most paths of the world, and it was indeed a touching moment for many.
But like you know, some seized the moment to pour out their pains.
As much as we celebrated a lot of great and super dads yesterday, many chose to draw the moment to themselves as single mothers.

Many  pointed out that for the single fact that they are raising their kids alone without a man, they are worthy to be called Fathers and celebrated too. While others saw it as a time to share their pain of raising their kid(s) without a male figure in view. 
I believe it’s a dicey one at that but I will drop my few thoughts on the subject. 

== Fatherhood is not about giving birth to babies. Fatherhood is about taking responsibility! ==
Fatherhood isn’t about the women who are online and offline campaigning about being fathers to the kid(s), but the kids who are speaking about not having a father figure to model, or better still, a father who wasn’t present in their life.

For a moment excuse what the mothers are saying against the Men and listen to the audible and quiet voices of the kids who are being raised daily without a Father in their lives. 

Yes, we know a lot of amazing and phenomenon Fathers around us who are worthy of the celebration of the time, or maybe we ourselves have been groomed by wonderful Fathers, but if you listen once more, the voices you will hear are those of the people who don’t have any to celebrate. Or who have fathers that are present and more absent than you can imagine. 
And it seems as though, the ones speaking against these single mothers and why they chose to speak on a day the men (Fathers) are being celebrated are those who must have enjoyed the presence of a Father figure in their lives. 

In summary, i believe the good fathers should seize every good moment to reorient other males to becoming good fathers. You may have a child with a lady who you both ain’t together anymore, but you must strive to contribute and take responsibility in the life of that child today.
PS: This post is not in anyway trying to discredit the efforts of super Dads, but to raise a motion that the less super Fathers can do better by raising their kids and being there for them. Thank you.


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