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Most men are not even aware that the face and body statistics of a woman are least beautiful parts of her. Only few men know that the real beauty of women is their instinct and their brain pattern.

Unfortunately many ladies of today are not aware that beauty is not in the face but in the BRAIN. Hence, they abandoned building brain infrastructure and went up building artificial breast, hips, tummy etc. All these are not sustainable. Whatever goes up must come down.

Whether she is Moremi or Fumilayo Ransom Kuti. Whether she is Madam Tununbu or Madam Ekpo. Whether is Alhaja Magaji or Nkonjo Nweala. It’s not about western education or native intelligence. There is something called the feminism spirit. It’s a God-given invisible force inherent in every woman. Few wise men in the world who took the adventure and gets to this core area of a woman always come back to rule nations as well as organizations.

Whether she went to school or not. Whether she is exposed to the socioeconomic world or not. Whether she is urban or primitive. Anyone of the above you pick as a wife whom you treat well without prejudice or being belittled, will pray and arrange you to surely win that contract. You will rule your world. You will stand before kings and you will be respected by the men at the city gate.

What am saying is that any man that mistakenly or deliberately takes good care of a woman. If you intentionally go out of your way to give her the best care, love, attention and love, you will have lazer focus and break all barriers into greatness. You will be unstoppable.

Let me shock you here….did you know that the greatest need of a woman is not money? 😳 I know that sounds untrue but hear me out first. How much do you have in the first place? The man that will meet all the financial needs of a woman does not exists yet. As you build the 1000 units of housing estate in honour of her, and you named it “VICTORIA GARDEN CITY”…it will shock you as you pass by the jewelry store, your spending continue. And yet that huge vacuum is there because money is not everything.

That’s why men who think all a woman needs is money always burn out and find themselves frustrated. He ends up saying “with all I have done for you”. What have you done that a little boy to you somewhere can’t do better. Go and sit down my friend!!!!.

The foremost need of a woman is RESPECT. Respect is the umbrella overseeing love,care,intimacy,money, affection and what-have-you. . Because this unpredictable unique creature of God called woman have mood swings. The latest Ferrari you just bought for her in which she was dancing around just now may not add up in her attitude in the next minute if enters another gear.

Few Wise men whom their wives adore does not see how much they spend on them; rather, what counts to them is understanding the present need of the woman. A woman can be so grateful now and swing to another part of her which had forgotten the gift you just brought.

A hug. Thank you. You are the best. Am here with you. Your battles are mine. Your joy is my number one priority. No shaking (even if you are shaking inside). A path in the back. Are few of the numerous things she needs. She is like a jigsaw puzzle which you must learn how to fix correctly.

Small keys open big doors. Giving the right application to a woman at the nick of time goes a long way to heal a woman faster than dolling out money. If money is all she needs. Why do we have most divorces from the rich?

Yes, money is a defence and offence but leave it there on a stand by. A man who meets a larger percentage of a woman’s emotional and psychological needs will ultimately prosper.


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