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Lady Explains why she does

She wrote :
“A few years ago, I almost got into a relationship with a guy.

He was okay enough for me. There was ONLY ONE reason I couldn’t carry on with the relationship.

On the day were were about to get intimate, he could not get it up. We tried for over 30 minutes, and I gave up. He begged us to keep trying, but nah… I’ve NEVER hustled for erec*tion$ that much. I left the room and went to drink cold water and sat in the balcony for fresh air.

6 months later, we were both still single. He wasn’t a bad person so I didn’t stop communicating with him. He begged for us to try again. Exactly same thing happened. He was sweating and really struggling to get it up. I pitied him, but you don’t go into a relationship out of pity. He wanted a serious relationship that might lead to marriage. And I wasn’t going to start my marriage with se*ual frustration.

He then told me that he discussed it with his doctor and that he was (and had been) on a drug for his heart, which affects blood flow to his groin, and his erections. That his heart has improved and his doctor said he will be off the drug soon. He can then impress me, even if it means he has to go for enhancement drugs.

His consideration of enhancement drugs got me a tad worried and scared. I nor want make person son die on top me. I nor fit police matter. If that happens, the autopsy will most likely reveal the cause of death and my innocence. But I can’t risk such lifetime trauma.

I liked this guy because he was a good guy. But I just couldn’t mehn.
As at today, he is 37. He was less than 35 then. And I wondered why such a young man would have such problem.

These are questions that would come into some people’s heads reading this.

  1. “If you loved him, you would have helped him get help.”
    My response: Well, I was NOT in love with him. My head accesses people before I fall in love. I do NOT fall in love randomly and I don’t exactly believe in love at first sight.
    I’ll access you, your behaviour, attitude, beliefs, your pocket, ideologies, bedroom skills eyc before I decide whether to permit my heart to fall in love or not. Yes, my love is very conditional, especially at the initial stage.

I’m not asking you to agree with my strategy of falling in love neither am I telling you that it’s the best. I’m just telling you what works for me and what I do.

  1. “What if you get married and it happens? For better for worse.”
    If the worse happens in marriage, I’ll cope with it as long as the worse wasn’t a deliberate act by my spouse.
    I will NOT see the worse and enter the marriage like that. Nah!

I’m expected to be faithful to my husband. He should be able to satisfy me to make fidelity easier. I don’t think that’s asking for too much. It’s a realistic demand.

As much as I pitied him, I love myself more and I just had to be selfish. So, I still can’t with him.


I can NEVER marry a man I haven’t had se* with at least 3-7 times. Quite frankly; 20 or more times would be better for me.

I can’t even date a man that insists on ‘no srx till marriage’. For what nah? I dey crase?

Dear Christians,
I know what you are thinking. You can save your sermon about fornication and purity for your church members. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. God bless you.

This guy is the reason I’m still a virgin till today. The experience traumatized me I decided to go celibate till I meet my husband. 😇

Me that my thigh alone, big bumbum, sweet voice and big boobs cause unwavering erec*tion$. I wasn’t used to going through so much stress for few minutes of a little sin of fornication. a Nah small sin I wan sin, I nor commit crime.

May God help us all. Amen o!

N.B: I just read a tweet thread that inspired this post. I’ve forgotten whose wall I read it.”

© Nkechi Bianze

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